Sunday, February 19, 2012

President's Day at Bear Lake

This President's Day we braved the snow and headed north to Bear Lake.  Lucky for us Honey, and Bobby and Sara got there early and heated up the cabin for us, so it was NICE and toasty when we got there.
 The boys wasted NO time finding things to do.
Later that day we packed up and headed up the mountain for a little sledding.

Jaden wanted to wear Coby's helmet...but it may have been a little too big!
Love this "after" face!  :)
Duncan was loving all the sled rides down the hill...which didn't seem that steep....
....UNTIL you had to walk back UP! 
It's much harder than it looks....just ask Honey! :)
Corb and Poppy had a BLAST!  Here's Poppy showing Corb how to steer his sled.
Corb was definitely in HEAVEN!!
And there they go...
Don't worry, Pup didn't miss a second of the action.  She chased every sled down the hill.  And by the end of the day was one tired little girl!
Here's Bobby, Duncan and Sara.  They usually win the award for MOST PHOTOGENIC family EVER!!!  :)
Coby doing a little snow boarding.
Pup doing a little more chasing.
Here's me and my little man about to take the plunge down the hill.  He was so excited! 
Then I went solo...and couldn't seem to stop the sled.  I went so far off the beaten path and almost into a little tree before I decided to crash on my own.  It was a LONG walk up the hill...ALONE!!  My quads DEFINITELY got a workout today!
Jaden Loved throwing snow on Pup.  
I just LOVE this little boy!
 But at the end of the day, this is what I love most.  

Our little family had so much fun hanging out with Bob and Sara and Honey and Poppy.  The boys loved getting in their "boy" time.  Thanks for inviting us up.  As usual...we had a ball!  :)

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