Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Coby and I have have the pleasure of enjoying 8 Valentine's Days together.  I have to admit that they have all gotten progressively more and more low key with every passing year.  And in my opinion...better and better every single year!!
I LOVE that Coby is still so romantic.  He still seems to surprise me...like leaving this little note above before he left for work.
I woke up early and made healthy chocolate chip banana HEART shaped pancakes for breakfast.
Coby made his "magic" PINK Valentine's milk.  We gave the boys a little more SUGAR and then I made them all pose for an early morning Valentine's picture.  (Jaden has picked up my need to show the world ALL my teeth, all the while still showing the world what a "fake" smile looks like.)
Later my special little chef and I made homemade brownies with butter cream frosting.
On a side note....I may have second guessed the "Favorites" cookbook and thought they may have left out the baking powder.  I WAS WRONG!!  My brownies grew and grew and eventually ended up overflowing all over the oven.  I managed to salvage them....luckily...but my house smelled like BURNT brownies for 2 days!
Corb made a cool little Valentine's Day Box for School. 
VERY creative if I do say so myself.  (PS...it looked a titchy better before it went to school...)
Coby saved the day and brought us home a little Papa Johns...
And last but not least, the boys got a little "something" at the end of the day.  Corb LOVED his Magic Kit and Jaden laughed hysterically at his Tickle Me Elmo.  (Both found at Kid-to-Kid)  Yes, it was indeed a GREAT Valentine's Day! 

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