Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

It's NO mystery that my Coby is a HUGE sports fan.  What better way to show our enthusiasm, than hosting a Fiesta Super Bowl Party??!!
Jaden made the rounds....
...having a crazy sword fight with his Nana.
Then he found a few of his cute cousins...Livy and Lu Lu.
Then the kids took turns jumping off the ottoman to the couch or to whomever happened to be occupying it at the time.
Lu Lu learned to wink! 
Me and my cute Mom...aka my Lady.
Here's a little group shot of everyone
 I absolutely LOVE this picture of Poppy!  He has SUCH a great smile and a completely contagious laugh.
 The "girls"  (Whit, me, Marse and Anna-Lisa and cute little Milly)
We had such a GREAT Super Bowl Sunday.  I could care less about the game, but the company it was shared with was better than chocolate!  :) 

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