Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bear Lake with the Michigan Crew

What could be better than this AMAZING view....
 Well, not much, but being with these CRAZY people....may come close!
And despite the cold and rainy weather....we found things to keep us in stitches!  Natalie taught us how to play Burn Down the House with dice.  SO fun! 
 And for all you game cheaters out there....this is the PERFECT cheat game because no one can watch to make sure you are "playing by the rules!" 
Wait what?!!!  Look at those faces....we could NEVER be cheaters!!
It's NEVER a dull moment when Lance is around and we're stuck inside... We all took turns throwing things at him while he tried to catch them in his mouth.  He was actually pretty good!
Joanne needed the raft pulled in for the we sent our strong men out into the freezing water to retrieve it!  You couldn't pay me enough to get into that FREEZING cold water!
There's Chef Ian!  Making his FAMOUS guac and salsa.
Nat and Ian made the YUMMIEST tacos.  Better than any restaurant that's for sure!
And have you EVER seen a cuter tortilla maker??!!  NO, I tell you!!
Then the kids went to bed...and the REAL fun started!  I have to hand it to our friends for coming up with the most creative and gross looking candy EVER seen for our annual poker night!
That is ONE good looking group.... am I right??!! 
It got a little intense....
But in the end....who took it all home??!!  ME...that's who! 
Oh what joy filled my NON-existent bosom when Natalie  heard the piano playing"You light up my life"! It was like she went into a trance and sang her GUTS out! BEST DAY EVER!!!
 These boys even braved the rain and got into the freezing water in search of golf balls!  Guess who found the most?  (This is Corb's cute friend Trey from school)
And what kind of friend reunion would it be if Lance didn't bring a gun?!!  I bet Trey's mom was "thrilled" at the "lessons" we were teaching her son!  :)  Sorry Kristin!!
Corb was looking for any opportunity he could find to pick up that gun and shoot!  All I could think was..."You'll shoot your eye out!"
The sun finally came out....wouldn't you know...about a hour before we all left!

Despite the weather, we had the BEST weekend full of our own kind of sunshine!  I love these people!  And I'm so grateful that we got to be such great friends so many years ago and even more grateful that we've managed to in close contact.  It's always such a treat to just pick up where we left off the year before.  This year...I think I can safely say that we were ALL happy to NOT be going home with the stomach flu!  :)  Can't wait til next September!  :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jack's 6 year Angelversary

It's been 6 years....
 6 years since I've seen that boy.  Since I've kissed that face or held that chubby soft little paw.
I hate that he's gone.  I hate that we come here every September and lay flowers on a grave instead of doing ANYTHING ELSE!
This year we headed to the cemetery.  It's always the saddest day of the year for me and Coby.  We got there and as we were standing around his headstone feeling empty without him...the sprinklers came on!  Coby and the boys turned that sadness into fun and started playing in the water and throwing around a football.  I know Jack was there and I know that he was happy for the unfortunate timing!  I know that he miss us too and that he's "doing a great work" and wouldn't want us feeling sad.  He's close...see the sunspot over Coby's head...he's there.  Oh how I miss him!
I have the BEST friends!  Camille came over and dropped off these DELICIOUS cookies with blue centers for Jack today.  She's always so thoughtful!
After the sprinklers stopped...he took a picture enjoying the cookies for Jack.  Because that is what he would have wanted.
I miss that much!!  I wish Jaden and Cole could have met him.  I know he's close...especially on days like this.  He's still part of our family.  I can't wait until the day when we are all together again.  I miss you Jack.  So so much!  Someday...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Silliness at it's best

Because sometimes....
It's just fun to put on Aunt Lanae's wig and play in front of bathroom mirror!!!

A Wet Sunday Hike

Today we decided to go on a little family hike... the RAIN!

It was a little wet as we headed up Ferguson Canyon for a little family hike today, but we all had fun!  It was great to get out of the house and into nature.  I love that we live so close to so many gorgeous places.  Utah is rather stunning...especially as the leaves began to change.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summit / Dirty Dash

Coby's been in Part City for his company's Summit. (It's their biggest conference of the year).  He's put in a lot of hard work along with his team.  The Summit this year was at the Stein Eriksen Lodge.  Fancy Schmancy!  One of the perks of this year's Summit was the activities.  The company paid for all who attended as well as guests to come up the last day and enjoy some of the fun!  So, Coby arranged for my mom to take the boys for a day and a night and I headed up.  Our first stop after a delicious lunch...was the Park City Mountain Resort where we were able to ride the Alpine Coaster, Alpine Slide and last but not least...the newest addition...the Alpine Zipline!
Here we are on the Alpine Coaster.  It was awesome...a long and relaxing sit back time as we coasted up, up, up the mountain....and then came the FUN....
Obviously...whatever goes up...must come down...FAST!
Then it was on the Zipline.  This was SOOOO Cool!  I loved it and wished we could have done it over and over again!
Here I am flying down the mountain.
Next Coby and I raced down the Alpine Slide....guess who won?
Clearly Coby had time to get his board back and take this shot of me...still cruising down!
After a fun filled day and a GREAT night's sleep in a GORGEOUS was time to get a little dirty!
And so Coby and geared up and headed over to Soldier Hollow to meet most of his team at the Dirty Dash.
And Dirty we got...
And Stinky we became...
Until the end was in sight...and we dash to the finish line...after we went through a few muddy rivers of course!
Here's our after picture...Don't we look like a pair?!!
And I always say...the couple that get's down and dirty together...stays together!  Or something along those lines!

We had a blast playing this weekend!  It was so fun!  I missed my partner in crime (Lanae)...but I remember now why this race has got to be my favorite!  After you get over the initial shock of all the mud and actually getting covered in head to toe nasty really does just become so fun!  So, thanks for signing me up babe!  And Thanks Lady for watching the boys so I could make a few fun memories with my Monster!  

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Fun with Honey

Coby is out of town this week, and Honey came over for some dinner and a little visit.
Here's Jaden and Honey playing a little catch with the football.
And after they played until there was no longer light...Jaden couldn't wait to plant one on his Honey!

We certainly love our Honey and her visits!  :)  She's always willing to play with the kids, indulge in a cookie and bring the fun!  :)