Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jack's 6 year Angelversary

It's been 6 years....
 6 years since I've seen that boy.  Since I've kissed that face or held that chubby soft little paw.
I hate that he's gone.  I hate that we come here every September and lay flowers on a grave instead of doing ANYTHING ELSE!
This year we headed to the cemetery.  It's always the saddest day of the year for me and Coby.  We got there and as we were standing around his headstone feeling empty without him...the sprinklers came on!  Coby and the boys turned that sadness into fun and started playing in the water and throwing around a football.  I know Jack was there and I know that he was happy for the unfortunate timing!  I know that he miss us too and that he's "doing a great work" and wouldn't want us feeling sad.  He's close...see the sunspot over Coby's head...he's there.  Oh how I miss him!
I have the BEST friends!  Camille came over and dropped off these DELICIOUS cookies with blue centers for Jack today.  She's always so thoughtful!
After the sprinklers stopped...he took a picture enjoying the cookies for Jack.  Because that is what he would have wanted.
I miss that boy...so much!  Every.single.day!  I wish Jaden and Cole could have met him.  I know he's close...especially on days like this.  He's still part of our family.  I can't wait until the day when we are all together again.  I miss you Jack.  So so much!  Someday...

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