Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summit / Dirty Dash

Coby's been in Part City for his company's Summit. (It's their biggest conference of the year).  He's put in a lot of hard work along with his team.  The Summit this year was at the Stein Eriksen Lodge.  Fancy Schmancy!  One of the perks of this year's Summit was the activities.  The company paid for all who attended as well as guests to come up the last day and enjoy some of the fun!  So, Coby arranged for my mom to take the boys for a day and a night and I headed up.  Our first stop after a delicious lunch...was the Park City Mountain Resort where we were able to ride the Alpine Coaster, Alpine Slide and last but not least...the newest addition...the Alpine Zipline!
Here we are on the Alpine Coaster.  It was awesome...a long and relaxing sit back time as we coasted up, up, up the mountain....and then came the FUN....
Obviously...whatever goes up...must come down...FAST!
Then it was on the Zipline.  This was SOOOO Cool!  I loved it and wished we could have done it over and over again!
Here I am flying down the mountain.
Next Coby and I raced down the Alpine Slide....guess who won?
Clearly Coby had time to get his board back and take this shot of me...still cruising down!
After a fun filled day and a GREAT night's sleep in a GORGEOUS was time to get a little dirty!
And so Coby and geared up and headed over to Soldier Hollow to meet most of his team at the Dirty Dash.
And Dirty we got...
And Stinky we became...
Until the end was in sight...and we dash to the finish line...after we went through a few muddy rivers of course!
Here's our after picture...Don't we look like a pair?!!
And I always say...the couple that get's down and dirty together...stays together!  Or something along those lines!

We had a blast playing this weekend!  It was so fun!  I missed my partner in crime (Lanae)...but I remember now why this race has got to be my favorite!  After you get over the initial shock of all the mud and actually getting covered in head to toe nasty really does just become so fun!  So, thanks for signing me up babe!  And Thanks Lady for watching the boys so I could make a few fun memories with my Monster!  

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