Saturday, May 31, 2014

San Francisco with Amay

San Francisco or BUST!!
After Months of looking for flights to San Francisco and Amy spending countless hours on Yelp planning out the PEFECT girls finally happened!!
Our first stop was to Pier 39!  We sampled fancy cheeses and then had a LOVELY grilled cheese sandwich.  After we had lunch, Amy needed to use the little girl's room...only the line was a mile long!  But, that didn't stop that California girl!  Amy took one look at the line for the women and then glanced at the men's non existent line and didn't hesitate to walk right in to the MEN'S room!  She got a few shocked looks...but she got it DONE!  That's the Amy I know!!
Peir 39 in all it's glory!
The fancy bread guy!  They actually make all kinds of animal shaped breads in a big window as you watch.  It was pretty awesome.  And the smell....SO heavenly!
Then we walked a little further and got to see all the Sea Lions....that smell was NOT so heavenly!
Amy has always been a girl with a plan...and so after Pier 39 and I changed my shoes and grabbed a jacket, we headed to The San Francisco Bridge!  It was sooo windy!  But it was soooo awesome!  After about 3 people (none of which really spoke much English) took our picture....we finally ended up on this beaut!
Next it was off to Lombard Street!  The twisty most curvy road in the world!   Check out these million ...many multi million dollar houses!  LOVE that blue one with the pink flowers!  
Good thing it doesn't snow here...or there would be a few problems!  :) 
Later that night we went a local place called Paccinos.  (fresh salads, pizzas..pastas...)  There was a little bit of a wait and that was fine with me because I just wanted to catch up with my friend.  We sat there talking "celebrities" you've met or know that sort of thing.  When who walks in....
 Well, Tracy Chapman of course!  That's right THE Tracy Chapman!  The funny thing is that NO ONE noticed!  Not one Amy not wanting to miss a chance to meet one of her favorite artists...decides we should hang out a little bit and wait for her to finish her dinner and then politely approach her.  We waited forever...and finally decided to just go up and talk to her anyway!  She was so shy and humble!  I was star struck...and then later wished I would have asked her if she ever did get that "fast car"?  I think Amy would have killed me!  :)
Amy knows my love of Thrift Shopping and we checked out TONS...then she brought me to this little wonder!  Thrift Town is my favorite thrift store EVER....and I'm super sad that there is no longer one in Salt Lake City!  But this ready....TWO STORIES!!  That's right!!  Two stories of sheer WONDERFULNESS!  The best part was the bathroom!  And since this is my blog and journal for our family....I couldn't forget the bathroom story at this particular store.  Days before my trip our entire family came down with the stomach flu....the HORRIBLE, ROTTEN, stomach flu!!  AGAIN!!  I still wasn't better when I left for San Fran, but it was under control enough.  With that in mind, I still needed to have access to a quick potty when necessary if you know what I mean ;) ;)!  When I felt the "call"...Amy and I found the bathroom.  The only thing is...that while it's a public bathroom, you have to be led back to it, located in the employee break room, by an employee.  Amy quickly finished and opted to get the heck outta dodge leaving me all to my lonesome to do my "thing"!  I had a stomach I was in there for about 20 minutes.  What I didn't realize is that the employee(s) now 3...were right outside the door waiting for me!  I came out and I'm sure my face turned bright red and then they started quietly laughing and had to look down at the table for fear of embarrassment... for them...for me...who knows!!  I sort of wanted to die...but I had just gotten to Thrift Town and there was NO WAY I was leaving!  A little bit later, Amy needed to use the potty and as she was being led back again...they wondered where "her friend" was...they said they never get long breaks...and the only time they get them is when a customer has to use the restroom!  NICE!  Sorry Thrift Town....I hope you don't hate me for what I did to your bathroom!  
Later that day we headed to see Mrs. Doubtfire's house. (2640 Steiner Street)  What else is on Steiner Street??
The Painted Ladies of course!  Remember it from Full House??!! SO fun!
Then it was off to the Castro District to experience the "RAINBOW" if you will!
Isn't Amy hot?!!  Anyway, I digress, we saw alot of interesting things...some things I couldn't post photos of...since this is afterall our FAMILY journal and I don't want to have to answer questions to things I don't feel comfortable saying the actual anatomical names for!  :)  But we did see a few cross dressers getting ready for a night on the town!  Super fun!
After a goodnight's sleep we headed to the church at Stanford University.  To say that it was awesome...just couldn't do it justice!  All the Paintings above are NOT paintings at all, but actual Mosaics!  Breathtakingly beautiful!
There was a mosaic of  what appeared to be a mother weeping over the death of her child.  Always a tender place for me...this is what the inscription said:  "Events are messengers of either Divine goodness or justice. Each has a mission to fulfill, and, as it comes from God, accomplish it in peace. And, in sending them, the good Father also sends means by which they may be endured, – perhaps averted.  Remedies in sickness, Love in trouble, Comfort in weakness, Renewed hope in disappointment, Tears in sorrow, Smiles to follow tears.  I just loved it!
And here I am trying to get one of the Stanford Monks to give me a little smoocharoo!  He was too much of a stiff!
Then Amy took me to Moonbay where the Happy Taco Taqueria is.  Is it a hole?  YES....  Is it the most amazing mexican food ever... WELL, OF COURSE it is!!  And why am I not surprised...because Amy knew all about it!
Carne Asada Tacos....YUMMY!  
Having fun on the rocks as the tide crashed in...I won't lie I was a little nervous...and the little crabs were looking at me like...."if she falls...let's get her..."  Just teasin'!

Love this goofball girl!!

After a fun day eating square ice cream, delicious tacos and of course hitting one last GoodWill,  we headed to the Oakland Temple.  Isn't it beautiful?  
Our last trying to close my tiny suitcase filled with way too many shoes that I never wore and all my thrift finds!  :)  Amy's doing her best to sit on it so I can zip it up!

SO MUCH FUN was had on this little girls trip to San Francisco!  I LOVE this girl and am so grateful that we were thrown together as roommates all those years ago at the Glenhole!  :)  We missed Kerstin!  But since she's moving to CO...I think another girls trip will need to be in order STAT! Thanks are the BEST vacation planner EVER!  Loved spending every moment with you...with the exception of the bathroom ordeal...  ;)  Can't wait for the next one!  

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Prayer of Gratitude

I had a few minutes of alone time as I flew to San Francisco...
I decided to say a little prayer of Gratitude to my Heavenly Father.  I had about 45 minutes in the plane.  I purposely didn't bring something to listen to because it was time for a little heart to heart with my Father in Heaven.  I started by thanking him for just about anything and everything that I could think of.  I asked him if we were supposed to have another baby and got a feeling that the answer was definitely a Yes.  Which is what I was afraid of since I'm feeling DONE with the whole baby process...and the fact that Cole hasn't exactly been the easiest kid!  I've always known that we'd have a little...(I hope). I used to dream about her.  In my dreams she is about 3 years old and blond and quite sassy!  In fact just before Coby met me he had the opportunity to see her in the temple.  He said he had just finished an endowment session and he was sitting in the Celestrial Room enjoying the peace and relief from the world.  He said that he saw her and she threw her little 3 year old arms around his neck and smile and said, "Hurry Daddy!".  When I asked if there was a little girl up there, I got another Yes.  I asked why she hadn't come to our family yet and was told, "It wasn't her turn."  So...I know she's there...I just hope she's next because I just want our family to be here and be complete.  I know that it will never really be complete because Jack is gone...but at least I got a chance to hold him and love him...even if it was brief!  I know my Father in Heaven loves me and I need to be better at pouring my whole heart out to him much more often.  How grateful I am to know that He is there and that He is always ready to listen to me.  He has blessed me more than I could ever thank him enough for.  I am not worthy of any of the vast blessing that I have been given.  I pray that I can do better and strive to live up the potential that He knows I am capable of.  Baby steps!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Birthday my sweet angel

Happy Birthday my sweet little angel!

Today you would have been turning 7!  7??!!!  I can hardly believe it!

I miss those big blue eyes and the especially the way you'd people watch.  You always had such a sweet demeanor.  Always so calm and easy going.  I wonder if you would have been the little peace maker in our crazy house of boys?  Would you have been a bruiser?  I wonder if we would have had more visits to the instacare due to "playing" with your brothers?  One thing is for certain, you are missed EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Not a single day goes by that we don't pray that you'll be close and that we'll feel you nearby.  I'm happy that you can look in on us....I do really wish we could look in on you too!  But, I bet that would probably make it even harder to be without you!  I know that you are busy and that you are "doing a great work" as you say and I'm glad you were valiant enough to accept the call.  It's a good thing I wasn't asked if you should accept...because my answer would have been NO.  Actually, not just NO...but lots of other "choice" words NO!  I know you are working right along side Poppy and that part really brings peace to my heart.  I can't think of a better man for you to be companions with there.  We miss you!  OH, how we miss you baby!

Today has been hard.  It's been hard for both Dad and I.  Maybe it's because you've been so close.  We always know when you're near because our tears seem to flow much more easily.  And don't get me wrong, we LOVE you near.  We hate that you can only pop in every now and then.  Each year dad and I are always amazing that the kindness, love and support show to us on your behalf.  A lot of people wear blue in honor of your bright blue eyes.  A cute neighbor that I don't know very well, brought over this gorgeous blue hydrangea.  I opened the card and cried.  She had no idea how much little act of kindness meant to me.  I felt humbled instantly.  I am thankful for such amazing people that take the time to show us that you mattered, that you still matter and that you are still such a big part of our lives despite not physically being here.  

So, happy birthday my bright blue eyed baby boy!  Hope you know we miss you!  I hope you were able to have a little time off to celebrate.  If you run into Mootz....she'll show you what a good party consists of!  Love you so much Jackie Jew!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Preschool Graduation

Where has the time gone??!!!!
Here's Jaden with his sweet preschool teacher, Mrs. Jennifer.  We have LOVED her!  And are sure going to miss her!
Jaden had so much fun and always came home learning new songs, stories and awesome little crafts.  She always made sure to pay special attention to each individual child in her class.  After Christmas vacation, for some reason Jaden really struggled wanting to go to preschool.  For 5 weeks it was a constant battle!  And when I say battle, I mean a kicking, screaming, drag out fight with him to stay!  One day when I had HAD it with him, Mrs. Jennifer came in and knelt down next Jaden.  She calmly talked to him and asked him if he remembered when they had read "The Kissing Hand".  He said he had and she reminded him how the story went and then asked him to have me kiss his hand.  Then she showed him how to hold it up to his face anytime he felt sad and remember that since I kissed his was a reminder of how much I loved him.  I love that she did that for him.  She really took the time to find a book that spoke to my Jadesy babe.  After alot of threatening and taking his little phone (games only) away from him....he eventually figured it out and we never had a problem dropping him off again!  
Cole found a way to entertain himself during the graduation too... NICE huh!  Corbin showed him where his nose was....THIS WAY!  Thanks buddy...'ppreciate it!  Oh, the joys of boys!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day....
 And that means breakfast in bed and presents....
Only this Mother's Day...I was sick!  SICK SICK SICK!  I couldn't even teach my Relief Society Lesson!  I have been bed bound since Coby came home Friday night and took over.  I hate being sick!  Coby tells me that I'm the worst patient EVER!  I think I may have even used an entire box of Kleenex!  I was supposed to teach Relief Society today...but couldn't even drag myself out of bed!  Thank goodness for such a GREAT Relief Society that rallied together at such short notice and taught my lesson for me!  I had lots of help this weekend so I could get rest!  It wasn't the best Mother's Day (due to the flu), but I sure felt loved.  My mom made a special stop to come over and check on me and bring me Sleeping Beauty to watch. (There's just something about Disney movies that makes me feel better.) And cute Joanne came over and helped Coby get the boys to church and tidied up a little for me.  SUCH good mommies!!
 I missed my little Jack a lot today.  I had time to really think about him today and miss him.  Sometimes, I just need that.  Sometimes I just need a good cry to remember and feel that he was here and that he was in fact real.  I miss him.  Oh, how I miss that little boy.  His birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, I hope it'll be a good day.  
Today I am just so grateful for the privilege I have to be a mother to 4 little boys!  They are each so different and every day I feel a void without one of them here.  It's always in the back of my mind that one is missing.  But today I want to focus on my Corb, Jadesy and Colie who ARE here and while they make me crazy sometimes, make me want to be a better person every single day.  How blessed I feel to be their mom.  I hope that I can live up all the things that my Heavenly Father intends for me to be so that I can teach them to walk uprightly before the Lord.  Nothing would please my mother heart more than for them to love the Lord, Jesus Christ and the Gospel as much as Coby and I.   They are my whole world and I am grateful every day for them.  Even if I sometimes don't act like it!   Thank you Coby Rich for making me a mommy!  :)