Monday, May 19, 2014

Preschool Graduation

Where has the time gone??!!!!
Here's Jaden with his sweet preschool teacher, Mrs. Jennifer.  We have LOVED her!  And are sure going to miss her!
Jaden had so much fun and always came home learning new songs, stories and awesome little crafts.  She always made sure to pay special attention to each individual child in her class.  After Christmas vacation, for some reason Jaden really struggled wanting to go to preschool.  For 5 weeks it was a constant battle!  And when I say battle, I mean a kicking, screaming, drag out fight with him to stay!  One day when I had HAD it with him, Mrs. Jennifer came in and knelt down next Jaden.  She calmly talked to him and asked him if he remembered when they had read "The Kissing Hand".  He said he had and she reminded him how the story went and then asked him to have me kiss his hand.  Then she showed him how to hold it up to his face anytime he felt sad and remember that since I kissed his was a reminder of how much I loved him.  I love that she did that for him.  She really took the time to find a book that spoke to my Jadesy babe.  After alot of threatening and taking his little phone (games only) away from him....he eventually figured it out and we never had a problem dropping him off again!  
Cole found a way to entertain himself during the graduation too... NICE huh!  Corbin showed him where his nose was....THIS WAY!  Thanks buddy...'ppreciate it!  Oh, the joys of boys!

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