Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Jadesy Babe

Happy Birthday to this crazy "kid"!
I can't believe he's 4!!  He's our skinny little drama king with only one volume....LOUD!
He may come with a little drama...but he's always quick to get over it and even quicker to do something funny!  
He loves to drink Hot Coco daily....sometimes 3 times daily...even in the summer.  He definitely has a sweet tooth and totes his blue blankie or blue blankerie everywhere he goes.  He loves to rub the the edges between his fingers when he's sad, hurt or almost asleep.
It's no secret that he's Nana's favorite (for now).  This little boy has her wrapped around all 10 of her fingers and toes!  He's quick to give kisses and gives the BEST and LONGEST "smooch-a-roos" around! He loves to help me make cookies and probably eats more cookie dough than we actually cook!
He's a ladie's man...that's for sure!  If he had a choice between playing with boys or girls...he'd pick the girl every time...unless playing with his big brother is on the table....then Corb will win every time!  
Even if it's only a few minutes....if Corb gives him the opportunity to play with him...Jaden jumps all over it!
Corb is his hero and that's definitely NO secret!  
Unless his dad is nearby...then it's a toss up!
They may fight a lot, but at the end of the day this is how they always end up...snuggled up as closely as possible!  
I made his birthday cake...and while it looks like a pinterest was quite tastey!  Even Whitney had some...and that's says alot!  (She has the will power to turn down even the tastiest of treats)!
Happy Birthday to our little Jader Bader Butter Bug!
May all your 4 year old dreams come true...within reason I mean!
This year for Jaden's birthday he asked for one thing and one thing only...(over and over and over is the Jaden way)
His very own IPhone!  ***Note*** we did NOT get him a new Iphone...this was one of Coby's old phones that we loaded a few games on only.  There is no service of any kind***  Look at that face!!!  
And what kid doesn't like cash...especially when there are so many dollar bills to count!
But this picture pretty much sums it up!  We see it A LOT...and the volume that comes with that cry is deafening!  
This boy could live at Nana and Poochie's house permanently!  In our defense...he really does have the life there....McDonalds, Netflix, and all the hot coco he can drink!  Plus, Nana reads him so many stories before he goes to bed after a long day of getting anything and everything he wants plus going to the park!  The word Spoiled ROTTEN comes to mind!

I sure love this "kid" of mine!  That's his nickname and loves it!  He loves to be read to, watching Curious George and Word World, playing games on the Ipad and doing anything and everything with or just like Corbin.  He's broken the Ipad so many times that we've probably spent more money on replacement screens than we originally paid for it...but not to worry, Coby is officially a PRO at fixing it now!  He's very sensitive and can cry if the wind blows the wrong way!  If he could live on Hot Coco alone...I think he would!  He's never been a good eater of healthy food, but a devourer of treats!  He has a mind of his own...that's for certain!  He tries my patience TONS every single day, but I've never wanted a child here more desperately than when he was rooming in my belly!  I couldn't wait to meet him!  He has the cutest smile, tiny little teeth and most adorable little underbite ever!  He likes to sing and has a GREAT memory!  He's quick with the hugs and gives them away very freely.  He's also quick to fly off the handle...(quite possibly a little trait from Jaden..."you're welcome"! )  He's very social and can make friends in any situation and with anyone close enough to hear his voice!  He's a fighter...that's for sure and I don't think we'll ever have to worry about him being a follower.  He marches to his own beat that's for sure!  I love his tight hugs, LONG "smooch-a-roos, pretty green eyes, soft baby skin, long silky blond hair and skinny little butt!  :)  Happy Birthday Jadesy Babe!  We love you and hope that being 4 brings you more fun and happiness than you can even imagine!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Special delivery

Today I was in a super bad mood...UNTIL...
I got a special delivery!  Jaden had found a box, gotten inside and knocked on the door.  When I opened the door, this is what I found.  This kid never ceases to make us laugh!  He may be a handful alot of the time, but I've got to hand it to him...his a RIOT!  At any rate, he made me laugh and helped to get me out of my funk!  OH, I love this Jadesy babe of mine!! 

R.I.P. Snakey

The other day we found a 2 ft gardner snake in our backyard.  Both boys were super excited and both took turns holding it.  After a little while, we decided to move him to one of the front yard gardens.  The next day we found him....dead.  The STUPID magpie birds got him.  (They are the worst birds ever...and if  I could figure out a way to poison them all without hurting any other living thing...I"D DO IT!  OH YES, I'd do it!) 
 Corb was pretty sad about his new outside pet dying.  We were having lunch and he came in with dirty hands.  I asked him how his hands got so dirty.  He said that he was burying my pet snake, "Snakey.  I had to bury him with a wood chip."  So, we all went outside to say goodbye to "Snakey".                     
I thought it was pretty cute, until I discovered that he had also written a little note to Snakey on the tree.

This little boy is so sweet and sensitive.  I love that he took the time to bury a snake and even write him a little note to say goodbye.  He has my heart!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I certainly LOVE all of my boys!  Cole has added such an added light to our home and his brothers can't seem to get enough of him!  They are always kissing him, tickling him, making farting sounds to make him laugh or hugging the breath right out of him!  
It's the best sound in the whole world to hear the boys talking to him and hearing Cole respond with huge burst of deep belly laughs!  
I love that they love him and that he loves them back.  I sure wish Jack were here so I could see all four of my boys together.  Someday....

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rich Family Swim Party

Bobby and Sara were in town so Joanne put together a little Rich Swim Party at one of her friend's houses.  I mean MANSIONS!  This house was amazing....but nothing in comparison to the fun that was had by all us Rich's!  
Here's Mason, Corb and Jaden eating their dinner in these sweet little chairs just their size!
Honey and Colie Poke taking a dip in the pool.  And Cole LOVING it!  (Which surprised me because he HATES baths...)  
Bobby and Charlie, Honey and Colie
Marse and Tyson
Cute pregnant Anna-Lisa soaking in the fabulous hot tub with Milly Moo and Jadesy Babe
On to the tricks...Here's Coby perfecting the dive.
Corbin showing us how a REAL Cannon Ball is done.
Marse and Ben sliding down the slide.
Then the real fun began....
All the boys grabbed Honey...
She fought...oh how she fought them....but in the end...
She didn't win and ended up in the pool instead!
I love when Cobe throws the boys in the air...but probably not as much as they love it!  I'll have to do a comparison of all 4 boys being thrown by their daddy.
They were both LOVING it!
Then he found a ball!
And since I didn't want to get wet...EVER, I got to take the pictures!
I love to make Ducan "ROAR".  It's hilarious!

We always have so much fun when we get the chance to get together.  Since Bobby and Sara now live in California, it's a little trickier to get everyone together.  But when we do, it's SO fun and we have a BLAST!  Thanks for putting all of this together Honey!  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dinner with honey

We love having our Honey over for dinner.  We all really look forward to spending time with her.  Cole is really starting to take notice that she's so fun!  After Jack died, she never missed an opportunity to serve Coby and I.  She always called, stopped by or brought over some delicious goodies to let us know that she and Jim had us on their minds constantly.  It's hard to see her sad because she's always a ray of sunshine.  She's really a trooper.  I'm sure it's excruciating to be without her Jim.  My heart breaks all the time when she tells me how much she misses him.  I understand loss, but this is a different kind of loss.  I'd do anything to take her pain away, even if it were for only a minute or two.  We all miss him too, but I am sure for her it's almost unbearable most days.  I sure admire her strength and determination to remain positive in the midst of of such sadness.  I know Jim is close.  I know that he watches over all of us, and especially her.  I just wish we could see how much a part of lives he still really is.  He would probably tell her just how proud of her he is and how much he misses her too.  She's amazing!  I'm so lucky to be a part of such an amazing family!  I hope that we can serve her even a fraction of how much she has served us.  Love you Momma Jo!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Camping out in the basement

Coby and the boys thought it would be fun to have a campout in the backyard tonight.  But with record high temperatures...being outside at all was just plain miserable! the basement the campout was moved!  The boys LOVED it! They pulled out their sleeping bags, grabbed their pillows, jams and blue Blankerie and strategically help their dad set up a makeshift tent!  Don't you love the tripod!  They had a ball with their dad!  I don't think it would have matter were their campout was, as long as their dad was there they were destined to have a GREAT time! Thanks Cobe!  We sure love you!

Color Me Rad 2013

Today Cobe, Corb and I ran the SLC Color Me Rad 5K.
It was SUPER fun!  We met up with my cute cousin and her boys and got shot with tons of colored powder.  
Once again Corbin ran CIRCLES around me!
Maybe we'll do it again next year with Jadesy Babe.  I think he'd love it and I'm sure we'd love it with him as long as we weren't pushing him in the stroller or worse...HOLDING him!  And hopefully next year we won't get a parking ticket for $30!  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bare Naked Ladies Concert

A couple of weeks ago Coby got us tickets to go see Bare Naked Ladies and Ben Folds Five.  I was so excited because we both love both bands, until Coby informed me that he had to go to San Diego for work the same night as the concert.  SO...what else could I do but ask my partner in crime...Lanae to go with me instead.
She excitedly accepted and here we are just about to head off for a MUCH needed Girls Night Out...just the two of us!
Here we are at the concert about to watch Ben Folds.  This Ben is an AMAZING piano player...and is probably about my height!  He is one little man, but he sure could pound that piano like nobody's business!  VERY impressive!  Coby loves Ben Folds Five and wishes he could play the piano like him.  I think he feels about Ben the way I feel about Idina Menzel!
Here's Ed Roberts singing "Big Bang".  I kept waiting for the other main BNL singers to come out (Steve)...but later found out that he was no longer in the band due to some sort of drug problem.  Pity!  He and Ed were an amazing duo!  Totally hilarious!  Tonight's concert was still quite funny, but just not the same!
I Missed my Coby, but it sure was a fun treat to go with my Littles!