Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rich Family Swim Party

Bobby and Sara were in town so Joanne put together a little Rich Swim Party at one of her friend's houses.  I mean MANSIONS!  This house was amazing....but nothing in comparison to the fun that was had by all us Rich's!  
Here's Mason, Corb and Jaden eating their dinner in these sweet little chairs just their size!
Honey and Colie Poke taking a dip in the pool.  And Cole LOVING it!  (Which surprised me because he HATES baths...)  
Bobby and Charlie, Honey and Colie
Marse and Tyson
Cute pregnant Anna-Lisa soaking in the fabulous hot tub with Milly Moo and Jadesy Babe
On to the tricks...Here's Coby perfecting the dive.
Corbin showing us how a REAL Cannon Ball is done.
Marse and Ben sliding down the slide.
Then the real fun began....
All the boys grabbed Honey...
She fought...oh how she fought them....but in the end...
She didn't win and ended up in the pool instead!
I love when Cobe throws the boys in the air...but probably not as much as they love it!  I'll have to do a comparison of all 4 boys being thrown by their daddy.
They were both LOVING it!
Then he found a ball!
And since I didn't want to get wet...EVER, I got to take the pictures!
I love to make Ducan "ROAR".  It's hilarious!

We always have so much fun when we get the chance to get together.  Since Bobby and Sara now live in California, it's a little trickier to get everyone together.  But when we do, it's SO fun and we have a BLAST!  Thanks for putting all of this together Honey!  

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