Saturday, June 29, 2013

R.I.P. Snakey

The other day we found a 2 ft gardner snake in our backyard.  Both boys were super excited and both took turns holding it.  After a little while, we decided to move him to one of the front yard gardens.  The next day we found him....dead.  The STUPID magpie birds got him.  (They are the worst birds ever...and if  I could figure out a way to poison them all without hurting any other living thing...I"D DO IT!  OH YES, I'd do it!) 
 Corb was pretty sad about his new outside pet dying.  We were having lunch and he came in with dirty hands.  I asked him how his hands got so dirty.  He said that he was burying my pet snake, "Snakey.  I had to bury him with a wood chip."  So, we all went outside to say goodbye to "Snakey".                     
I thought it was pretty cute, until I discovered that he had also written a little note to Snakey on the tree.

This little boy is so sweet and sensitive.  I love that he took the time to bury a snake and even write him a little note to say goodbye.  He has my heart!

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Laurie said...

Corbin is a sweet little boy with a big heart and lot of love for everyone!! I sure do love that sweet little guy.