Monday, June 24, 2013

Dinner with honey

We love having our Honey over for dinner.  We all really look forward to spending time with her.  Cole is really starting to take notice that she's so fun!  After Jack died, she never missed an opportunity to serve Coby and I.  She always called, stopped by or brought over some delicious goodies to let us know that she and Jim had us on their minds constantly.  It's hard to see her sad because she's always a ray of sunshine.  She's really a trooper.  I'm sure it's excruciating to be without her Jim.  My heart breaks all the time when she tells me how much she misses him.  I understand loss, but this is a different kind of loss.  I'd do anything to take her pain away, even if it were for only a minute or two.  We all miss him too, but I am sure for her it's almost unbearable most days.  I sure admire her strength and determination to remain positive in the midst of of such sadness.  I know Jim is close.  I know that he watches over all of us, and especially her.  I just wish we could see how much a part of lives he still really is.  He would probably tell her just how proud of her he is and how much he misses her too.  She's amazing!  I'm so lucky to be a part of such an amazing family!  I hope that we can serve her even a fraction of how much she has served us.  Love you Momma Jo!

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