Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

I certainly love this husband of mine!!  Happy Father's day to the best daddy on earth!!
These boys can NEVER get enough of him!  We made him a breakfast casserole and gave him a few treats along with a gift certificate for golfing.
I love how he loves to spend time with them. 
They play so hard that even Coby gets tuckered out!
Coby is really the most amazing dad EVER!  He always takes the time to play with them and really show them he is as in love with them as they are with him.  Coby's always been a GREAT vacation planner.  He always says that he never feels bad about spending money on family trips.  I love that he loves us and wants to always make fun memories together as a family.  He's amazing and I know that these boys love him more than they could ever say!  

Happy Father's day to two more amazing dads...mine and Coby's.  My dad and I have always been close.  He is still one of my very best friends.  He's fun and always up for an adventure no matter how insane it is!  I think he thinks the more dangerous the better!  He refuses to get old and is always looking for a basketball game with younger guys...then he schools them!  He is very kind and generous and is always will to help.  He never does anything with the expectation of a "thank you."  He's a good guy and I feel so lucky to be his daughter!  I hope he's proud of the girl I've turned out to be.

We miss our sweet Jim.  It's Father's Day and he should be here.  I hate that's he's not.  I know he's close...but that's not the same thing as being HERE!  Coby misses him terribly.  He still needed his dad.    Jim died way too soon.  62 is just not old!  We still needed like 30 more years.  Jim was the most genuine, patient and incredible man I've been blessed to know.  He always honored his priesthood.  He was the BEST example and most honest man I've met.  Jim always had a way of making you feel important.  He listened genuinely to everything you had to say.  One thing I always admired about him was his ability to think through what he wanted to say before saying.  VERY opposite of me...I just spout out whatever it is I'm thinking.  We miss you Jim!  Happy Father's Day, you did an amazing job helping to raise 5 pretty neat kids!  One in particular!  

LOVE you Coby, dad and Jim!  Happy Father's day to the best dad's I know!

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