Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bare Naked Ladies Concert

A couple of weeks ago Coby got us tickets to go see Bare Naked Ladies and Ben Folds Five.  I was so excited because we both love both bands, until Coby informed me that he had to go to San Diego for work the same night as the concert.  SO...what else could I do but ask my partner in crime...Lanae to go with me instead.
She excitedly accepted and here we are just about to head off for a MUCH needed Girls Night Out...just the two of us!
Here we are at the concert about to watch Ben Folds.  This Ben is an AMAZING piano player...and is probably about my height!  He is one little man, but he sure could pound that piano like nobody's business!  VERY impressive!  Coby loves Ben Folds Five and wishes he could play the piano like him.  I think he feels about Ben the way I feel about Idina Menzel!
Here's Ed Roberts singing "Big Bang".  I kept waiting for the other main BNL singers to come out (Steve)...but later found out that he was no longer in the band due to some sort of drug problem.  Pity!  He and Ed were an amazing duo!  Totally hilarious!  Tonight's concert was still quite funny, but just not the same!
I Missed my Coby, but it sure was a fun treat to go with my Littles!

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