Monday, June 03, 2013

Cole's 6 month Check up

Just loving this Colie Pokie!!  He is still nursing.  And obviously, he's a PRO!  He loves that white blankie.  It was Jack's.  Then we lent it to Jaden who named it White Blankie.  He carried around both White Blankie and Blue Blankie...and finallly settled on keeping Blue Blankie.  Cole loves the edges of this blanket, just like Jaden.  He's super fun!  Loves to laugh, eat and NOT take a bottle!  :(  Rats...I waited too long!  He loves his brothers and is FINALLY starting to like baths!  He's pretty good about taking naps, but still wakes up to nurse every night.  

Today he went to his 6 month checkup....he had to get extra shots because they were out of the ones where they combine them all into one shot.  Poor baby!  I hate shots!!!   

Here are his stats:
Height:  27.7 inches  / 90th%
Weight:  19.8 lbs  / 90%
Head:  17.6 inches / 100% you can see he's LARGE in every way!  Look at the size of his head...thank goodness I can only deliver via c-section!  

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