Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 YW New Beginnings

This year for New Beginnings in Young Womens I came up with a Balloon Theme to go along with the Arise and Shine Forth Young Womens theme for the upcoming year.
It turned out pretty cute...I think anyway.  
There are my partners in crime (Kellie, me and Ang)
Our Beehive Presidency ROCKED the house and I was so proud of the time and effort they took in preparing to welcome the "newest" beehives for the upcoming year.

We played a few games and as you can see....the girls were having FUN!  

I love being in Young Womens!  It's been my honor to put on 3 New Beginnings.  They get more and more fun each year.

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Anonymous said...

So cute! What great ideas.