Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Good Grief Benefit Concert

For the 2nd year in a row, my dear Angel Friend Molly Jackson puts together a benefit concert.  They try to raise enough money to help with the costs of headstones.  A price we know all to well about.  And a cost you just don't quite expect to ever have to come least for your little one.
This year one the talented performers was Jessie Clark Funk.  I LOVE this girl.  She wrote a song called "Calling All Angels" that was actually sung at Jack's funeral.  I got to the benefit a little early to help check people in and had the opportunity to hear her practicing.  I nearly lost it as I heard the first few notes of "Calling all Angels".  It literally took my breath away.  And can I just say, she's even MORE amazing in person.  When Jack passed away I asked my dear and EXTREMELY talented neighbor Liz Murdock to sing the song for Jack.  Not an easy task, I know, but she accepted anyway.  The problem was that there was no sheet music to be found.  Somehow, Liz found a way to contact Jessie Clark Funk and her husband and they were able to get her the music very quickly.  And even after the funeral called Liz to find out how everything went on our sad day.  I'm still amazed at some of the acts of kindness that were done on our behalf during our darkest hours.   The Lord is good...He is oh, so good.
Here's my support and a few of the girls I love most.  Emily , Ambie, my Little (Lanae) and me.
Here are a few of the darling Angel Moms I am privileged to know and meet.  Me, my dear Emily (she lost her little Danny 3 years ago in May to a genetic disorder), Kelly Pack (lost her sweet little Colum on Christmas Day to a terrible car accident this last December), Molly Jackson (lost her beautiful little Lucy from aspirating a piece of an apple the size of a pea 4 years ago) and Cute Amy Saville (lost her darling little Gabe to unknown reasons).  

 I was also blessed to meet Kendra Webster (McKenzie's mom and my dear friend Angenette (Jacob's mom).  We took our picture too late I suppose because I was unable to grab a shot of all of us together.  There are many more moms I've met as a result of being the "club" who were unable to come.  Steph Waite (Camille), Brittany Kunz (Daxton - Jack's partner in crime, I'm sure) , Ashley Sullenger (Preslee), and Amanda Wilkinson (Bennett).  I LOVE these women!  I can't say it enough!!  These women are AMAZING...absolutely amazing!!  Life's dealt us all some pretty awful blows.  But because of the gospel, my sweet husband and family and women like this....getting out of bed is just a teeny bit easier. 

Molly did a GREAT job and those performing were quite simply AWESOME in a nutshell!  I was even on the news...Go Fox 13! 

It was a humbling night, but I'm so happy I was able to be a part of it.  

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Sara Lou said...

What a neat cause. I have loved that song since hearing it at Jack's funeral. I never knew who it was by and now I do, I love that it's from an LDS artist. The song is so amazing and real. I couldn't find it on Amazon or iTunes but I did find a video on youtube. It looks like it was probably the same performance you heard because she is wearing the same thing as in the picture with you and she thanks Molly at the end as well. Here is the link if you want to re-live it:

Also, thanks for letting me keep those maternity clothes! I find myself only feeling comfortable in those shorts you gave me and washing them every few days! :) Love ya!