Sunday, April 01, 2012

April FOOLS Day

Today was April Fool's Day.  I've been looking forward to trying to "get" Coby for a while now.  My friend Kellie told me of a little trick she played on her husband last year and I was ACHING to try it out on Coby!
First...I got some Orabase (the closest thing I had to Orajel)  
Then I got his toothbrush...and put a BUNCH of Orabase on it and pushed it all to the bottom of the toothbrush.....Then I waited for this.....
It was pretty funny!  Only....I had to make Coby pose for that picture.  Apparently, I didn't put ENOUGH Orabase on his toothbrush because he didn't even notice!  :)  Uggg....I guess I'll just have to "get" him next year!!  

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