Monday, February 11, 2013

Coleson's Baby Blessing

Tonight we had the privilege of blessing our sweet Coleson at Jim and Joanne's house.
We got special permission to bless him there due to Jim's condition.  We were able to record it, so I'll go back and write out what his blessing said.
Here are Coby, Coleson and Poppy.
My cute Grandpa even made it all the way from Blackfoot, ID.  Here are the most important men in my life.  Grandpa, Coby, Coleson, Jim and my dad.
We only invited family and a few close friends.

What a blessing it is to be married to such an incredible man that can honorably bless our children with the power of the priesthood.  Coby gave Cole such an amazing blessing.  He always blesses our children that they will live on this earth and serve a mission on this earth and married on this get the picture...ON THIS EARTH!  Before Jack we always just assumed that serving the Lord "in whatever capacity necessary" (As stated in Jack's blessing) meant that they'd obviously out live us, serve their missions, get married and of course it would be on this earth.  The thought of them ever dying was never even a thought that crossed our minds.  That just happened to other people right?  Now, when Coby and I say our prayers we are very specific and know that He has a plan for our family.  I feel so very blessed to have been able to do it in Jim and Joanne's house.  What a feeling it was to be able to have Jim participate despite his ever deteriorating situation!  I love my family...EVERY single one of them...those there tonight, those in other states and those special ones ont he other side.  How blessed I feel that we are sealed forever!  I am so blessed!

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