Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 1/2 Marathon

 Lanae has been asking me for 2 years to do the Provo Halloween 1/2 Marathon with her.  I've always been able to find "some" excuse as to why I couldn't...but this year I could find NONE.  She has always been such a trooper and not only happily, but immediately accepted every single race I've ever asked her do do.  So, how could I turn her down again??!!
She was so excited that she went out and got us both Monarch butterfly wings, black and orange tights, and even made us the cutest little too toos!
Here is a full body shot of us decked out in our race "gear".

One thing we've learned from the previous races is to be the last ones on the bus.  We get a little more sleep this way and don't get stuck at the top of the FREEZING mountain waiting to run our guts out!!  This year we were prepared.  We brought hand and feet warmers and since my back always KILLS after a long run I brought a Back Heat Wrap, Motrin 800 and a packet or two of Icy Hot and Hot Coco of course!!  ***More pictures to come***
Here we are at mile 10.  **My favorite mile by the way**  I'm looking a little usual....Lanae's looking usual!
That finish line couldn't have come soon enough!!  But here we are all done and with medals even!
We did it!!  3 Half Marathons together! 
We even ran into an old "friend" from the Moab 1/2 Marathon...
This must be his "running" wig...

This was by far my FAVORITE 1/2 Marathon!  And while I procrastinated AGAIN and didn't train like I should of....I got my best time: 2:26.  That may be slow...but for me it was GREAT!  About 30 minutes faster than the other two 1/2's.  The course was SO beautiful.  The downhill was only 3 miles or so and there was always something beautiful to see.  I feel so blessed to live in such a  beautiful place, healthy enough to run and in awe of the people that are in my life!
Thanks Little for being my partner in crime.  I always have such a blast with her.  I kept looking down at my watch to see how long we'd been running and was always surprised to see how FAST time was flying...despite all the side, back and knee aches.  But when I'm with her it ALWAYS does!!  Thanks Mom for watching my little nuggies.  Thanks Ambie for braving the traffic and crowds and getting the race packet.  I owe ya!!  As soon as I can walk again...I'm looking forward to the next race we'll run together.  I'm hoping that the next 1/2 will also include my cute little Sommy!  I sure miss that girl!!  And if I'm really lucky...maybe Ambie will join us as well!  Here's to hopin'!


Lanae said...

Tif - I just love you! You make everything so much FUN; even running in the cold. FUN! I love you more than you'll ever know. And yes, your secrets (and my secrets)are always safe. I LOVE YOU BEBE! Little

Sommer said...

Oh, I want to come!!! Maybe we should have a family fast that my husband will get transferred there and that he will actually want to go!! haha! or maybe i could just fly out! i really really really miss running with you!! it makes me sad to see you running without me but it makes me so proud too! remember when you said you wouldn't ever run another half?!? and remember the guy that came out of the port-a-poty?! oh, if i had a picture for you face! haha!! miss you!!

abbyandcompany said...

Those outfits are the cutest I have ever seen. You two need to tackle bay to will love it!