Friday, October 21, 2011

A note from Corb

At 5am this morning Corbin thought he needed to crawl in bed with Coby and I.  Since it was so early and Coby and I weren't thinking too clearly we told him he could.  Then a few minutes later the other little nugget decided that he also need to join us. To say that we were a little squished in a queen sized bed was an understatement.  Coby left for the gym a little later leaving the rest of us snug as a bug.  About 7 am Corbin decided that it was "Good Morning Time" and wanted Jaden and I to wake up.  He tried everything from tickling Jaden to turning the TV on.  Corbin is pretty self sufficient.  He knows how to get his own breakfast and turn on Curious George downstairs.  Jaden on the other hand....i's a handful!!  I knew that if Jaden woke up...that was the end of that warm cozy bed.  SO...I snapped at Corbin to get out of our room, go downstairs and that he had just sealed the fate of getting NO allowance.  Apparently he was not terribly happy with me:
He wrote me this sticky note and left it on our door:  "I do not like you Mom.  
Dear Mom"
Coby came home from the gym and found it.  He thought it said, "I do not like you mom.  Die Mom."
Coby went downstairs and ask Corbin about his little "love" note.  
Corb corrected by saying, "What?  It says, "Dear Mom,  I do not like you mom."" And with that crumbled up the note.  I came downstairs after Coby had told me about it told Corbin that I got his little "note."
To my amusement he said, "Um...that was a different mom."
"Lick in the box.  I love you mom.  Dr. Mom"  

Translation:  "Dear Mom, Look in the box.  I love you Mom."

After I got home from my girl's trip to Boise I found this little note on top of a little present he had put together for me.  

OH how I love this little boy!!  He truly is a sweet little boy.  Even when he's mad at me.

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