Friday, October 28, 2011

Lanae's Halloween Party

Lanae held her 2nd annual Halloween Party today.  It was DEFINITELY NOT a disappointment!!
Here is Indiana Jones and Batman
And here's my little chicken
Here is Mother Gothel from Rapunzel, a beautiful monarch butterfly and a cowgirl
(Natalie, Lanae, and me)
Here is the whole Rupunzel gang
(Natalie, Sakura, Chad and little Seth)   
Little Chance, Whit and me

Here are a few pictures of all the fun Lanae had planned.  
Hot  Coco and Hot Cider Table
Bubbling Swamp Punch a-brewin'
Not one thing was left undecorated! A feat in and of itself in a yard THAT big!!
She even had wooden cutouts (that she did herself) to add to the ambiance.  So cute!
And she definitely did NOT run out of a supply of pumpkins!
But the bounce house was a HUGE hit with the kids!! 
Corbin...I mean, Indiana Jones, Jaden the fierce Chicken and Coltyn B. the tough football player wasted NO time getting their bounce on!
Up, up, up they went...
And down...... 
down, down, down....
 Dowwwwwwn.....they went...
They couldn't get enough of it!!
This little chicken was always thirsty for MORE
Corbin and Coltyn found some "worms."
"long thin slimy ones...."
And down the hatch they go....
There was even airbrushed, glitter tatoos.
Corb went with a skull.
Meanwhile Jaden kept making his way to all the treats....and treats there were plenty!!

We can always count on Lanae for throwing one heck of a party!  We all had such a GREAT time! 


Lanae said...

HA! You know the real reason we have kids... don't you? So we can be kids all over again. There, that's my secret. :-)
SO glad everyone could come and play. Fun times!

Sommer said...

LOVE it all!! Oh and Tif, you make one hot cowgirl!! I totally want to squeeze Jades until a little cluck comes out!! :)

Crystal Escobar said...

Her party was awesome! She's amazing!