Saturday, October 29, 2011

Painting Pumpkins with Nana and Poochie

Tonite the boys, along with Nana and Poochie, painted pumpkins. 
Corb knew exactly what to do.
Jaden on the otherhand...
  Is my "always need to be clean" child.
"Uhhhh...Mom....there's something on my hand...."
I think he gave up trying to be clean....since it's in his EAR!! 
But then he got the hang of it.
And didn't want to stop.
Corb painted a sweet monkey.
Wah-la: here's Corb's finished masterpiece. 
We had a fun night...a messy night...but a fun one as you can clearly see on Jaden's messy shirt!  Thanks for bringing the paints Lady!  The boys had a ball!

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