Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with the Burton's

Oh the Joys of Christmas with my family!  Corbin is ALWAYS eager to "help" unwrap everyone's presents.

I'm not sure who was loving this more...Ambie or Jadesy!

I think they both were just in Heaven with each other!

I can't believe that this was the ONLY pictures we were able to grab while spending Christmas afternoon with my family.  We must have been too caught up in the excitement to take any.  This year we were blessed to have our whole family together.  Which in my opinion is the BEST gift of all.  We haven't always been able to afford an enormous Christmas, but the gifts given are always amazing!  I got a SWEET kitchen aid hand mixer and my dad wrote me the most beautiful letter.  I can't decide which one I loved more.  The boys got TOO many things to count and Cob got a cool football Jersey.  We gave my parents a picture of the Manti one of those antiqued ones they sell in Costco...only I MADE it!  I think it came out pretty cute.

Then we put Jadesy down for a nap, watched a movie and...may have caught a little shut eye ourselves.  We made dinner, played games and spent a little more time together.  I was so fun to be together.  This is my favorite part of Christmas....the lounging, eating and hanging with your family.  We missed our little Jack...but I'm sure he was there in some form.  Next year we'll have one more person to add to the mix and I can't wait!....Post coming soon!  :)

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