Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dinner with Britt

Here is a shot of me and my CUTE friend Britt at the Red Iguana (the BEST MEXICAN in Utah)

She had a long layover on her way back to Mesa and was able to grace me with her sweet presence.  I LOVE this girl.  I DON'T LOVE the circumstances that we met under.  We both lost our sweet little boys the same year.  Our boys are only days apart and we always joke that they are a couple of jokesters / mission companions up there and worked their magic in helping us find each other.  I LOVE this girl and wish with all my heart that she wasn't so far away.  Every time I drink a diet coke...I drink it for BOTH of us and toast it to our little boys.  She was a stranger that called me only days after Jack passed away suddenly and gave me hope.  I was sooo lost at the beginning and didn't know which way was up.  I couldn't breathe and this beautiful stranger found me, called me and gave me a little bit of hope.  She helped me breathe just a little better that day.  She helped to show me that being positive was a better direction to follow and helped me understand that the Lord would never desert us.  I love this girl!  

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