Sunday, December 26, 2010

When Ambie comes to town

What's wrong with this picture??!!



It's always a treat when Aunt Ambie comes in for a little visit.  This time it went by WAY too quick.  Corb asked about her for about 2 weeks before she got here.  Every single night Corb would say..."Hey dad...when is Aunt Ambie coming again...?  Is it today or tomorrow of 3 days away?!! I just can hardly wait!"  Then when she was here he told her, "Ambie...if you move here you can live in my room and it would make my whole world"!! I did not exaggerate or make any of that last part up....And Amber can vouge for it because he said it SEVERAL times!

I love the above pictures of the diapers.  Cob and I had a wedding dinner the night before so Aunt Ambie was kind enough to watch the boys.  She even put Jades to bed.  The next morning when I got Jadesy up and dressed...I noticed that something didn't look quite right!  That was because he diaper was on BACKWARDS!  So funny!  Leave it to Ambie to figure out how to put a diaper on backwards!  ;)  LOVE this girl!!  Seriously...COME LIVE WITH ME!!!!

This picture is funny and here's why.  I made this Chicken and tomato dinner with pasta.  Cob was saying that he didn't get very much chicken on his pate.  So Amber being the little funny girl she is, took her fork and flicked a piece of chicken onto Cobe's plate....only it landed directly ON HIS FORK!  It was funny...okay it doesn't sound that funny right now...but if you were there you would have thought it was HILARIOUS!  :) 

But this picture of Ambie and Jadesy if probably my most favorite!  Such a sweet shot of her holding Jaden and they were both eating up every single second.  
I love this girl!  I am so proud of her graduating from MSU.  Wish she lived closer for my own selfish needs as well as for my boys.  They love her you know!!

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Sommer said...

I love it!! The diaper picture is classic! That picture of Jades snuggling into Amb is so adorable. Corb asked me tonight why Amb always had to go there (mi). Then he went on for a bit how much he missed her. I miss her too.