Friday, December 17, 2010

A movie with my Little and my little sister

Ambie is here!!!! YAAAAAAY!  She got here on Tuesday and Corb has literally been counting down the days!  For the past 3 nights before she flew in, Corb would say..."Only 2 days or 1 until Ambie comes?"  It was really cute!

Lanae and I kept up with our little play date this week depite all the craziness.  When we got there Lanae's voice was SHOT!  It was super cute.  (I secretly like when my voice goes out...I call it my "sexy" voice...whatever that means!!  :)  )  I wonder if her voice left with Jared on his trip to Africa for the next 10 days and the fact that my Little was flying solo with all three boys!  :)  I digress....we decided to brave it since the boys were out of school and take them to a  movie.  We went to see the Guardians (the owl movie)....Good thing it was a dollar movie because I couldn't seem to get into it...and I think we were about an hour late!!  :)  So Lanae and I mostly spent our time chasing down our littlest monkeys outside in the lobby.  Which was just fine with me!  Sometimes I think we have play dates just so that WE can have a PLAYDATE with each other!  :)  This is the only shot we got, but Lanae is GREAT about always making sure to capture the event with a quick snap of her trusty camera.  I have to admit is was GREAT having Amber there.  Actually great doesn't do it was AWESOME having her there! She is always so quick to see a need to help and step up and just do it.  I wish more than anything that she lived here.  Maybe someday!  I'm crossing my fingers and so is Corbi-mac!  :)

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