Saturday, January 01, 2011

It's official!

Well, It's official!!!  FINALLY!!!  My little Schlimey is getting married to Drew Wright.  So, she'll be "Sommer Wright"...Hey...some'R'right...some'R'wrong!!  :)  LOVE it!!!  Congrats girl!  We couldn't be more excited for you and Drew...sad that he's going to move you far away from me...but happy because you'll be happy!  LOVE YOU!  Don't think that just because you get married that I don't still have top rank in your book...I still expect presents and clothes from you!!  :)  I promise I'll pick up the phone when you call....or at least I'll try!  :), can I still get some new clothes??!!  :)  Just kidding...or am I?


Anonymous said... are a crazy little blogger lately. so fun to see all your great Christmas memories. What a cute family!

Sommer said...

WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (about marrying drew not about leaving you - haha)
Also, I know you aren't joking Tif! Don't worry! I know we can rig the Christmas present name draw! Also, if you send me packages (notes and fun stuff from my sweet nephews) then I will have no choice to send you a package back!! ;)

Scott, Aimee, & Emily said...

I never put two and two together. SOME R Right... is cute!!! Can't wait! Congrats!!!