Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dinner with Drew and Sommy

Sommer's Drew...aka Mr. Right, I mean WRIGHT was in town and so we thought we should give him a little dose of what he was "getting into" before he "got into it...officially" that is!  Som wanted to have a game/homemade pizza Night.  Aren't they SO cute together??!!!  

Corb was proud of his "smiley" face pizza...although, I think he may have been a little more interested in the Root Beer out of the bottle!

 What...that's not a FORCED smile??!!  He's just a happy kid...I don't know what you mean!!

This is how Jadesy folds his arms.  I LOVE IT!!

Let the GAMES...BEGIN!!! Jaden was pretty into it!!

We borrowed Super Mario Wii from Marse.  This is the FUNNEST game EVER!  You can play up to four people at the SAME time!  It is seriously a RIOT!  Even if you don't like video games, this one is WAY easy to get into!

Here's a little shot of it on screen

See...I even like it...and that's saying something!  I hate video games...USUALLY!

And after a fun night of good old Burton Family fun (minus a little Ambie of course) we were all pretty tuckered out!  LOVE this cute shot of my dad all curled up in the LoveSac.

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Sommer said...

First of all - Drew and I are really cute together!
Secondly - I am not 100% sure but I think that Drew tried and succeeded to kill us on purpose!