Monday, January 24, 2011

A boy after my own heart!

This baby is a baby after my own heart!  What is he doing..well, he's MOPPING of course!!  LOVE HIM!!!  I'm not sure, but I think Jack may have told him that if he wanted to really get into my heart, all he needed to do was help me clean.  I still remember when Jack as here, he had just woken up from a nap.  Corbin had a sippy cup of water that was leaking out by the back door.  I noticed it and must have made a comment about the water making a mess.  What did Jack do, well, he promptly went to the stove, grabbed the dish towel hanging there and promptly walked over the to spill and just wiped it up!!  LOVE that baby!!  Love all THREE!!


Lanae said...

Oh, I love this little boy! I could just smooch on him all day. And I'm telling you, these boys are SO much alike, in so many ways. It's a little spooky! I love all of the pictures, the haircut, bowling, love them all! Such cute, adorable little boys!!!

Anonymous said...

What a smart little guy Jaden is and so so Cute!!! His Nana sure does love those boys!! love ya Lady