Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A trip to the Aquarium with Little

Today we went to the Aquarium!  IT WAS A usual!  Any time spent with my Little is always a BLAST!  Sometimes I think we have playdates for US...not the kids!!  


Lanae and her little boys, Kayden (the baby...and Jaden's TWIN) and Little Hoodini...aka Austin!

We were trying to pet the Sting Rays.  I tried to roll Jaden's sleeve up enough, but the water was still just a little too deep.  Maybe next time buddy!

The Penguin exhibit is new to the Aquarium.  These little penguins were super cute and SUPER fast!  We had the hardest time trying to get them jumping into the water in a picture.  Oh, the kids are mesmerized!  

Here's another one MESMERIZED by the glow of the jelly fish!!

There were some really big fish on the South American Exhibit.  Kayden was LOVING it!

Corb was trying to catch the fish!!

Here's a shot of me and my boys!

I sure do love our little playdates and love spending time with my boys even more!!  :)

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