Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Day 2011

On your MARK...Get Set...GOOOOOOOO!

I love that Corbin still wears the hat the Honey knit for him years ago...and LOVES it!

This was Jades first time sledding and he couldn't get enough!

Corbin testing the limits...going on his belly.  I tell ya... this little boy is FEARLESS!

And they're off again!

Even though it was like 4 degrees...Jaden LOVED every single second of it with his Daddy!

Corbin's sled started to drift over into Cob and Jadesy's lane


One last run before we call it a day

 Wish we had pictures from the night before.  We chilled at Honey and Poppy's house.  Ate way too much food.  Stayed up way too late and then woke up and ate way too much again.  We played games and had a super super fun time!  Poppy was cracking me up as we played a dominos game that Pat and Anna-Lisa brought.  It's kind of like Chicken Foot (my Grandma and Grandpa Burton LOVE that game)  Anyway, Poppy kept whistling the tune from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and he was in this fun goofy mood!  Corbin was the only little kid there so, he found ways to entertain himself.  I think at one point we found him sitting on the counter top spinning around in a circle.  A fun time was had by ALL!  Thanks for letting us Ring in the New Year Honey and Poppy!  

On New Year's Day, Coby and Corbin wanted to do a little sledding down the street.  It took us longer to get dressed than we did actually sledding.  It was soooo flippin' cold I opted out and choose to be the photographer.  I took about 500 pictures too many, but hey I got a few good ones, so I think we will call it good.  It was Jaden's first time sledding and he was a real trooper.  He LOVED sledding down the hill with Coby and couldn't wait to get back up to the top to do it again.  Corbin on the other hand didn't have to wait for anyone.  He had his own sled and took NO time hopping on and taking a ride down the hill.  He even figured out that he could sled on his belly and eventually decided that that was favorite way to travel.  At one point he was going so fast that he actually ran into the fence.  He paused for a second and then said...."DAD...did you see me...that was FREAKIN' AWESOME!"  Not so sure about how I feel about him saying "freakin' awesome", but I think he had a blast.  Sledding was a fun way to officially ROCK in the New year! 


Lanae said...

Oh my - holy pictures, and where have I been? So many pictures, I love them all!!! I guess I just haven't been checking blogs lately, but you have so many great pictures... I love the sledding, pictures of Som, Amber, Christmas, oh my!! And more than anything tho, I'm so glad I still get to see ya and I SO look forward to our little play dates. I love ya honey and you always brighten my day. XOXO, Little

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gazomaI just Love Love Love this little family and all the fun they have with lots of sweet pictures!!! Love you lotss!!! Lady