Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Trip to St. George

Last week we had the opportunity to come down to St. George for the weekend.  We came up a day early with Lance and Marse.  Jim and Jo came down later that day with Sammi and Mason. By the time they got there her voice was completely GONE!  :)  It was very cute!  Then Ben and Whit and little Lu came late that night. There was SNOW covering the beautiful orange mountains.  But the weather was GORGEOUS and so much warmer than Salt Lake.  I was even able to go on a six mile jog that first morning.  Then we were off to Pirate Island Pizza.

Pirate Island Pizza


This was Jadesy's FAVORITE way to go up the rock wall

Then he LOVED running to the draw bridge

Over the bridge...

And to the slide

And awaaaaaaay he goes....


"looooook ooooouuuut beeeelllloooooowwwww"

Cobe was showing Corb the "art" of handling a GUN


Jadesy wasn't quite sure what to do with the ski ball game.  He thought it would be more efficient to just get up IN the game for a better score!  He's brilliant I tell ya...just BRILLIANT!!


Marse was really good at this lizard licking farting game!  It would make all these gross farting sounds when the game was over.  It was way fun!  Probably my favorite there.  But Marse usually beat me by like DOUBLE or TRIPLE what I got!  

Sand Hollow In Door Swimming Pool

The boys...and I mean ALL the boys loved the water slide!

Almost there....

Love the look on Jadesy's face..."Oh c$%^...!"

Then we have our little monkey...and I think I can safely say that he is in fact part monkey!

Swinging from the ropes

Jumping in!

He's been taking swim lessons for the past two summers and I think he's getting pretty good!  He's a regular little Fish-monkey.  Does that even exist??  Well, it does in our family!

The Park

I think this is my favorite picture of Jaden lately!  LOVE those giant open mouthed smiles!


Lately he has been LOVING to climb up EVERYTHING he can get his little toad hands on. 

And his favorite thing is sliding down the slide!

Exploring near the St. George House

Corbin LOVES playing outside.  Everytime we come to St. George his always looking for Lizards.  And he usually finds someone to go "lizard hunting" with him.  The first day we were there Lance was his choice of hunting partners.  Poor Lance!  But as soon as Sammi and Mason got there he did a little recruiting!

Monkey see...monkey do!  "aaaaaaah"  - Code for "Hey Corb...I think I found something!"

Here are the three little amigos!

Inseparable...completely inseparable!

We love St. George!  What a blessing it is to be able to come up...I mean DOWN here every once in a while.  Thanks Mootz! We LOVE ya!


Posh Petals said...

Fun we were just down there this weekend and I ran into Camille at the park! Hope to see you soon.

Lanae said...

Oh, those pictures just make me want to be there even more! I seriously LOVE this place. It's a little piece of heaven on earth, don't you think?
Sooo... I just wanted to tell you how much FUN i had today. I mean, every day we hang out is just a treat. Thanks for being my bud and thanks for all you do (and that cute necklace/earring set - love it!). You're the best. HUGS! Little