Friday, March 15, 2013

Poker Night with the Riches

Tonight we had a little adult poker night at Jim and Joanne's house.
With the table set up, the chips divided and the Moby wrap in place...we were ready to play some poker!!
Ben even came dressed for the part!  Love the yellow sweat band!!
We played 21.
Jim had fun trying to tell Joanne which cards to play...and it looks like she may have added their cards together!!!
Anna's thinking...."should I....OK.... HIT ME!!"
Marse and Lance looking pretty as usual!
Cole had fun just hanging out in the Moby, learning how to cheat from his momma...I mean how to PLAY from his momma!
But I think he really found himself in the whipped cream from the pie Joanne cooked!  YUMMO!

We sure do love our Rich Family!  There is always laughter!  A thing we could definitely use these days.  And one thing is for sure....they KNOW how to throw a party!

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