Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cleaning Party

Packing up our home has been SO hard.  I pack a box...I cry.  If only we could pack up our friends with us and take them along to the new house.  I have LOVED spending time with them.  Coby and I really lucked out when we moved to this house and I was blessed to find these lovely gals!  
Amy and Cam came over tonight and helped me pack and clean.  I tried telling them NO...but they wouldn't take NO for an answer and came anyway.
They came prepared with scrub brushes of sorts, cleaner and treats of course!!
Look at them work!!!
My door was pretty dirty!!!

I just love these girls!  The thought of leaving makes me cry every single time.  I keep telling myself that I'm only moving a few miles away and that I will still see them all the time.  I tell Camille that our new ward can just be our "ward" because we already found our FRIENDS!  But I hate that I won't be able to just pop over to their house just because, or hear Cute Camille's horn as she passes my house each time.  These girls served us so selflessly after Jack died.  They never stopped coming around.  They never stopped thinking or asking how we were.  They just buried themselves deep into my heart through their COUNTLESS and I mean COUNTLESS acts of service. They say that our mansions in heaven are built based on service to others...if that's true, these girls have ENORMOUS mansions!  They will never know just how much they have done.  I absolutely LOVE them!  I feel so blessed and honestly don't know what I could have done to deserve them in my life!  

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