Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coby's Work Christmas Party

Coby's work Christmas party was tonight.  With all the downsizing that occurred this past year, Coby took on the task of planning the company party.  Luckily, his company is relatively small.  He kept it simple.  Go Karting at Fast Kart followed by a SUPER yummy dinner at the new restaurant Brio.  Everything was a HIT!
We all got a few turns racing the go karts.  It was SO fun...and actually harder than I thought.  Pat, Coby's brother, ROCKED the house.  He won for being the most AWESOME!!!  :)  And the fact that he was faster than anyone else after countless races.
Here's the whole group being a little crazy!

Nice work planning the party baby!  You did a GREAT job.  Everyone loved it.  And I have to say that it was my favorite Christmas party so far!

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Patrick Rich said...

Well, it wasn't JUST because i was awesome, but it helped. Thanks Tiff.