Monday, December 05, 2011

One sleepy little boy

This little boy was sooo tired!  A few months ago Coby and I came to the conclusion that Jaden was ready to give up his afternoon naps.  SNIFF SNIFF!!  He still needs a nap...but if he even gets in a power nap during the day he's up till 11pm!

While I was at my mom's house, this little stinker got into Aunt Ambie's makeup.   To say that he got it ALL over himself is an understatement!  My mom quickly threw his clothes in the washer and we found a little shirt of Ambie's to wear.  I packed him up and headed home.  On the way home he started dosing off.  In an effort to keep him up I tried to stand him up.

He was so tired that he stayed asleep while he stood.  His cute little knees would start to give out and he'd catch himself and stand back up.  He must have kept this up for a good 5 mins.  It was hilarious!! He did finally wake up.  But I had myself a good little chuckle in the mean time. 

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Unknown said...

I love that sweet little fun little guy!!