Sunday, December 18, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

Every year Coby's mom and her siblings take turns hosting Breakfast with Santa.  The "real" Santa comes over after breakfast and the kids get to have a little one on one time with him.  It's so fun!
Here are the lovely ladies responsible for this awesome affair....Margaret, Jeanette, and Momma Jo.
And here's the guest of honor..."Santa" himself!!  I think he's the real Santa!!
Here's Corb sitting on Santa's lap.  He told us that he told Santa that he wanted a Nintendo 3DSI.  Good Luck would be a "shame" if you were "unable" to actually deliver on that wish!!  :)
Jaden was a little unsure about the man in red that shook like a bowl full of he hid in a pretty good spot....ostrich style.  :)
 But then he found Alison...aka the baby whisperer.  I've mentioned before that he is absolutely head over heels for this girl!  :)
Here is Honey and Poppy with Whitney and her little family.   Good smiles on everyone! 
And here are ALL the kids.
And here are all of the "older" kids.

We sure had a fun time having breakfast with Santa.  Thanks for hosting and making it so magical.  The kids are always in awe.  Very fun!!

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