Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I have to say that I think this is my favorite picture of the season.  I think it's such a tender moment between Jadesy and Poppy.  Jaden loves being near Poppy.  I love the little bond that they have created. 
This year for New Years Eve...we were say the least!  After a LONG morning of haircutting and numerous errands, we finally headed over to Coby's cousin's on his dad's side, the Readings.  I absolutely LOVE the Rich side of the family.  Always so low key and always a GREAT time! 
As we were leaving the party, Coby spotted 8...yes 8 deer within feet of us in the Reading's backyard.  Corb was especially stoked...he asked Coby to take his picture and wondered if these were in fact "Santa's" reindeer since there were 8!
After the party at the Readings we headed over to my cute cousin's house.  I LOVE this girl and can never say enough about her.  I LOVE that we're family and best of friends because we get to continue in all of the FUN all year round!
Here is me and my Coby.....I LOVE this guy!  He's definitely the better half between us both!
We tried to capture a picture of all the luminaries surrounding our whole didn't work out so well, but at least we left our garage door open for all the thieves to find!!  :)  Luckily, we weren't robbed this year!!  :)
The boys were anxious to get to bed so that Santa would make his way over to our house.  We got them all ready for bed and read the "Cajun Night Before Christmas".   I'm from Louisiana...and HAVE to show off my southern roots!  :)  Corb was loving all the alligators instead of reindeer and the "cajun" accent that came with the story.  They were both tucked in before 8:15pm, and that's when the real fun began for Coby and I.  We have our own traditions too.  We get "everything" ready for Christmas day while we watch White Christmas.  I am loving our little family traditions and look forward to many many years to come.

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