Sunday, November 22, 2009

Discovery Musuem

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During this summer Honey took us all to the Discovery Museum. The museum was super cool! Camille was able to meet us there. She was on usual...I made us late...really late but like almost 2 hours! I really need to work on that! We would have liked to hang out longer, but Kenna was starting to feel sick so they left a little before we did.

There were SO many fun things to look at, but after about 2 hours and 4 kids later....WE HAD HAD IT! We should have KNOWN that it was going to be a doozy of an afternoon when we stepped into the elevator and it stopped working! One of the kids learned an "interesting" new word as Honey and I may have accidentally said a word or two in the dark! :) I had the cutest picture of Mason in absolute AWE of the helicopter. It was a life flight helicopter...I still can't really look at them because they really bring me back to the "day".

Honey and I vowed NEVER to return for at least a YEAR! :) Maybe it would have been better if Jades wasn't constantly wanting to EAT, and Corbin, Sam and Mason didn't have an BATTLE in the entry way! Actually, it was kind of cute. Sam and Corb were fighting and Mason DID NOT LIKE his sister being in the middle of the fight. So he walked up to Corbin and yelled something..and just pushed him down. Poor Corbin...but how cute was Mason for standing up for his BIG sister! It was darling!

Time is flying so fast I can't believe that Mason will be 3 in March. It reminds me that Jack would also be getting up there too. Miss that little boy. Wish he were here.

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abbyandcompany said...

Jaden is a total fatty! I love him.

Corbin is getting so big, sniff sniff.

PS I saw 17 again last night and I am sticking with my original opinion of Zac Efron...EWWWWWWW!