Friday, November 27, 2009

Halloween '09

Every PRINCESS HAS to kiss a cute little FROG!

I'm a princess, Jades is a frog, Coby is the prince (at the frog turns into) and Corbin is the dragon

Can't seem to get enough of those little foggy kisses!

Here is Corbin and the LOVE of his life Roxy! Isn't she cute?!! She's a little dalmation puppy!

Just making the rounds...collecting the candy that mommy couldn't keep her paws off of!!

Here's Nana holding our little froggy with a goopy eye! Poor baby! He has a plugged tear duct, so it's not too uncommon to see him looking like this! My poor little goopy baby! Dr. Cramer says it should clear up by 6 months! CROSS your fingers!

I just LOVE this baby! I can't seem to get enough of him!

Smoochin' with my little toad and the prince and the dragon are battling it out!

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Happy Halloween! We were one short for the 2nd time. Sure wished Jack was here. He would have LOVED trick or treating. I wonder if they have that up there? They MUST! It's heaven they MUST have LOADS of chocolate. But it's the kind of chocolate that tastes like godiva but has absolutely ZERO calories! Maybe for trick or treating they have to dress up like biblical prophets or something of that nature. At any rate...I'm sure Jack had his fill of yummy goodies.


abbyandcompany said...

I love your costumes, especially that's awesome, such a lady!I'm sure Jack was there, isn't he always? Now, you weren't kiddin'about being behind! It will be fun to get updated with Christmas stuff around March!!


Lance Bettie and Calista said...

Oh I love Halloween!

What a pretty princess! We are going to the movie Princess and the Frog the day it comes out. Calista is so excited!

Oh and a pretty prince and dragon too!

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