Tuesday, November 10, 2009

St. George

About a month or so a go, we went down to St. George for Conference Weekend. It was just our little family and Honey and Poppy. It was so nice to relax, sit back and listen to some of the most amazing men and women on the Earth today. The weather was beautiful and the food was...well a little too good! Joanne brought leftover carrot cake....I tried to resist...but alas the carrot cake won my taste buds over and to my thighs they went!!

One of the nights we went to see the musical "Annie" at the Tuacahn. It was sooo cute! Daddy Worbucks had an amazing voice!! Annie was one of my favorite movies growing up. I used to tape record myself singing 'Tomorrow" over and over. We all loved seeing it. Even Corbin had fun! I love that he'll sit through movies and even plays.

Even Jader Bader Butter Bug liked it...until he fell asleep that is!

Aren't these boys fun!
Coby is such a great daddy! He loves playing with Corbin and Corbin can't get enough of his daddy either! They had fun all day playing in the pool.

They eventually had to take a break...

When Poppy got there, Corbin didn't waste a second dragging him around with a "pirate map". It was sooo cute to watch them in search of treasure and lizards. Corbin tried so hard to catch those fast little lizards, but they were a little to quick. He even convinced Honey to get in on the action and I think one of the lizards may or may NOT have lost a tail! :)
Corbin built a house of the lizards....but the lizards didn't get the memo.

How nasty is this? This spider was HUGE! It was black and yellow and Cobin called it a "Bee" spider!

Coby is so great at capturing candid shots. I love this one of Jadesy and Honey.

Later that weekend we went on a hike. Here's Corbin climbing up part of the slot canyon.

It was so windy that day! And I was glad I had my Moby on! Jadesy just slept the whole time, snug as a bug!
And that did for all of us! We had enough sand for the day and headed back home. It is so fun to be able to go down to St. George. We are very blessed. Thanks Mootz! We love you!

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Melanie said...

I too had a serious addiction for the Annie soundtrack and dove my siblings NUTS

abbyandcompany said...

remind me again why you haven't invited us yet? :)

I love the pic of you guys walking, finally a picture of you where you aren't FAKE smiling! I love it!

Natalie Service said...

Did someone mention carrot cake?

Love you guys!