Sunday, November 29, 2009

Are we..."In Love"?

I always ask Corbin this question:

Mom: "Corbin, are we....?"

Corbin: "in love"

Mom: "Are we?"

Corbin: "YES!"Posted by Picasa

Lately it goes like this...

Mom: "Corbin...are we...?

Corbin: "In Love....are we...Yes?"

It's sooo cute! I just love this little boy! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love all the cute pictures of the boys' aunts loving our new little Jaders. Today he officially turns 5 months old. It's been so wonderful to have another little boy in this house. He is so loved. I am so grateful for eternal families!


Lanae said...

So dang cute; how could you not love him? Those are some cute little boys you have! I hope Jaderbug is feeling better soon. So sorry he's sick. We'll play soon. Luvs, little

Sommer said...

oh i love those moments! i especially love them when i am sitting down! (because let's be honest - he does have a bit of a weight problem)

Natalie said...

oh..out of the mouths of babes:). so cute! it's been fun to neglect the needs of my children this morning and FINALLY catch up on your blog! as always, you are delightful:).

Anonymous said...

those will always be precious moments to hang on too, and always making those memories last forever, I know I will make lots of memories with my grandbabies. Thanks Tiffany and Coby for sharing them with me. I love you both very much and those precious babies. hugs, Lady

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