Sunday, August 16, 2009

Island Park with the Crew

The Gang!

Corbin's first Fishing experience! Look how cute that fish is. He's quite PROUD of himself!!

Bettie was such a trooper. She broke her foot in 3 places (I think) and STILL managed to do everything!

Look at the DARLING family!

BRILLIANT!!! (That water was sooo cold...I think the boys were thinking...."I WAS IN THE POOL...!!!!" (Seinfeld)

And what kind of trip would it be where Coby wasn't diving for a ball??!!

This summer we had a
privilege and JOY of going to Mandy's families cabin in Iron Mountain (Yellowstone). It was soooo FUN! There were a few mosquitoes that Corbin now calls "Mosquito bites", but other than that. We had a ball. But then again we always have a ball with these guys. Fun to watch each couple interact with everyone. Someone got nicknamed "Ass" this trip! Lance can always be counted on for coming up with the "If you had a million dollars right now...what would you spend it on?"! LOVE IT! Bettie made the BEST Breakfast casserole I've ever had! Mandy was so cute taking pictures of everything, including pictures of my non-cooperating little 2 week old munchkin! Wes kept us laughing non-stop!! I'm so glad that we met them in Michigan. We still get together and always without fail, have such a GREAT time! Thanks guys! We're looking forward to playing at Bear Lake in a few weeks!
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Amanda said...

I had a great time too. Maybe by the next trip I will have it blogged. What Tiff forgot to metion was what a tropper she was. Just having a baby two weeks eailer. So glad that you was able to still make it. Can't wait for Bear Lake.