Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Captain Corbin!

Wow, it's been 4 whole years since my little Corbin was born!!! Where on earth did the time go? He's actually 4 years old!!! Corbin was born on July 16, 2005 in Lansing Michigan at 12:52 pm. I remember when he was born thinking...."WOW, we really lucked out because he is the most beautiful boy I've ever seen." Corbin is really such a sweet little boy. He is so sharp and picks on everything that I say...which is usually a bad thing! I love that he still says "muzgits" for music and I can't bring myself to teach him to say it correctly. He sings songs about Jackie and Heavenly Father. One time I was having a particularly bad day and really missing Jack. I was on my bed trying to keep it together and quietly crying. I thought I was far away from Corbin that he wouldn't hear me. But he just wandered in and ask me what was wrong. I tried to tell him that I just missed Jackie. And he crawled up on the bed, sat behind me and just held me and let me cry for a few minutes. He didn't say anything, he just let me cry and finally said..."Don't worry mom, he'll come back." What wisdom and faith little children have! He loves his aunts! He keeps asking when "Aunt Ambie" is coming and won't let anyone sleep in the top bunk of his bed because it's "Aunt Ambie's bed". He loves to wear his Aunt Sommy as well. He loves to color and is so good at coloring in the lines. He loves LEGOS and I swear they are going to be the death of me! I am constantly finding them embedded into the bottoms of my feet! He loves to snuggle. He loves animals. He especially loves dogs and little puppies. He loves Lance and Marse's little dog Berkely and I overheard him ask his cousin Sammy if she wanted to play "Lance and Marianne" with Jasmine playing the part of Berkley! It was cute! I love that he says things like..."Oh...that's sooo cute" in higher pitched voice. He loves to kiss Jaden's toes and talk to him. He's getting very independent and doesn't want me to help him do anything anymore...SAD huh?! Like going to the bathroom, he now locks me out. He likes to dress himself, so it's not uncommon for me to find him dressed from head to toe in his peter pan costume, hat, shoes and all! He's constantly looking for ways to put his swords or guns in his "holster" he likes to wear around his waist. He is the best little helper in the kitchen. I can't make anything without him. I love it! Maybe he'll be like Paula Deen's son. (I'd love to cook like Paula, but have the body of Giada) If you watch the food network you'll know what I'm talking about! He loves to play "Mom and Dad and House" with all the girls that surround him! And it's mostly girls! The only little boy he plays with is his cute cousins Jordan and Mason.'s ALL girls! He loves to ride his "little" bike. It's so little and he has to lean back and peddle really fast because the turny things on the wheels are so small! It's really quite funny to watch! It I can't find him, I know that he's taken off on his little bike to head over to Taylor's or Avery's house to play "Mom and Dad or House" with them! He tells me that he's going to marry Roxy Sloan in the temple all the time. He loves spending time with Nana and Poochie or Pooch as he calls him sometimes and Honey and Poppy. He tries to help me with my eating...I taught him to tell me "NO MORE MOM" when he's sharing something tasty..but not so healthy with me. It's sort of bad now because now when I say..."What do you say...?" (looking for the word PLEASE) I get..."NO MORE MOM!!!" He loves to sing "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins. He calls it the "Bugaroo" song. And loves to sing it to Coby. We got a video of it...I'll have to have Coby post it. He loves dressing up like a pirate...hence the pirate party. He loves to have sword fights with Coby and say, "I'll get you Hook...if it's the last thing I know." It's really cute! He's like me in that he likes to scare himself. Last year around Halloween there was a house that had some really creepy decorations up. He was always scared to pass by, but was constantly asking to go back and see the "scary house".

I just can't believe how big he's gotten. He's so fun! I love being able to stay home with him. He's my little sweetheart and I love him so much! Happy birthday Monkey!

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Weston and Nicole said...

Wow, that looks like such an awesome party! I LOVE that picture of Coby holding up the treasure chest with that look on his face. I can totally picture him getting way into character and the kids just eating it up. Happy Birthday to Corbin!! It was so much fun seeing you guys tonight at Rio!

Katy said...

So cute! You guys sure know how to throw a great party! I love that Preston is helping Corbin blow out his candles...sorry!

Melanie said...

I only spent a little time with him at BL... and ya pretty much he is all that AND a bag of chips:)

abbyandcompany said...

Happy Birthday, Corbin!

I love Coby; he is such a great dad to your kids, check him and his getup out. LOVE IT!

Camille said...'ve been busy! That was the cutest party, that I can't believe you did after just having a baby!