Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy birthday Schlimy!

happy happy birthday to the cutest, most darling, HIGHLY fashionable sister living in Utah EVER! I love this girl soooo much! She is responsible for getting me to where I needed to be when Coby and I met. I mean, I literally had a window of 2 hours of our meeting and SHE is reason we are married! She took it upon herself to introduce herself to Coby at the MSU singles ward and invite him to Easter dinner, regardless of the fact that I had already invited another boy (who was really coming along for the free food and really wanted nothing to do with me). SO I totally owe her....HUGE! She was there when I went through what I thought had to be the most awful time in my life. She used to call me and leave me messages at work in her BEST "Ralph" voice from the Simpsons. I LOVED them...they would always cheer me up! She helped me be more of a girly girl. NOW, I do care what I look like (usually) before I leave the house. She's taught me some GREAT fashion sense. She's so AWESOME at doing my dirty work. By that I mean she's not afraid to ask the store clerk for a discount if I notice something is wrong with the piece of clothes I want. She plays with Corbin and he just adores her. I used to make her hold Jack...FAT little Jack who probably weighed close to half her weight until he fell asleep at night. I used to plan all my Dr. appts around her because I couldn't bare to see either of the boys poked by needles. And she'd do because she was such a great aunt and AMAZING sister. But the kicker is that she totally acts like SHE'S the Big sister. She's always picking me up cute clothes and is my favorite person to shop with because I KNOW she'll tell me the ugly truth. I'm not sure why she even speaks to me...I wasn't exactly the nicest sister growing up. In fact, I was down out right HATEFUL! We're 22 months apart and when she was born, she TOTALLY stole my thunder. I was the first born and got ALL the attention, and she shows up with her giant blue eyes with dark eyelashes that extend so far they could practically be FAKE. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE oooed and awwwed over Sommer. Did they care about MY green eyes or MY blond hair or my okay looking lashes???? NOOOOOO! So I might have, maybe, tried to "get rid of her" on occasion. I used to put her over the drain of the bathtub in HOPES she'd just go down the drain. I tried to make her drink pee before. I got this rooster all mad and then pushed her in it's cage and it pecked her. **(the rooster became soup later that night when my grandpa came home)** I threw ice at her face. I WAS SOOOO mean and such a ROTTEN HORRIBLE sister.... I can't believe she'll even look at me let alone be one of my best friends.
She thinks about her family first before anything else and is a little peace maker. I love this girl and am so grateful that she's forgiven me for SO many things and loves so unconditionally. She's amazing and I don't know where I'd be without her. happy birthday girl! I just LOVE ya!


Lanae said...
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Lanae said...

Happy Birthday Som!!
You are so good to your sisters and you're such an amazing aunt. We all love ya!

abbyandcompany said...

I can't believe you just admitted to making your poor sis drink are naughty! Happy birthday sommmer!

Sommer said...

I only stick around because I'm waiting for you and Coby pay UT forward. I've been very disappointed in your efforts. Coby will agree that I'm not getting younger!