Thursday, August 09, 2012

Hogle Zoo with Kim and Natalie

It's been FOREVER since I've seen our cute friends Natalie and Kim.  (We all met in Michigan and then moved back west after Law School and MBA school were finished)  I think we've added about 6.5 kids since our Michigan days!!
We all met up at the Hogle Zoo where Kim had the ultimate hookup and got us all in for free!
Here are the boys checking out the elephant that shoots out water.  Jaden was pretty intrigued!
Next we hit the carousel.  (Jaden's favorite)
Corb had a ball too!
Here's a cute shot of Kim, Brooklyn and Luke riding along.  Aren't they SO cute!!!
Here's Corb hamming it up on top of the Rhino!
Here's Jaden trying....and constantly saying "cheese" without meaning it or even looking at the camera!!  I think the people behind us were getting irritated at the number of pictures Nat, Kim and I were trying to capture.  Suffice it to say....I don't think we were able to "capture" it the way we wanted!
On our way to the new Polar Bear exhibit we came across a huge man-made otter log.  Jaden watches World World and upon seeing this huge log says, "What happened to my log....!"  (Frog says this when Duck destroys his log...)  ***Even as I'm typing this I'm thinking that you had to be there to appreciate how cute it was.)***
Here's Luke, Addy, Corb and Jadesy posing on top of the log.
Then we went over to the new Polar Bear Exhibit and met Rizzo.
He was so funny!  He kept coming right up to the big glass window filled with the faces of children and would push himself off the glass over and over again.  It was pretty entertaining!
This little Brooklyn was a RIOT!  She is 20 months and was constantly on the go!  And when I say on the go I mean she was running everywhere and taking other people's goodies when she saw the opportunity!  In this shot Brooklyn had just run up to a lady and snagged her bag of caramel popcorn and RAN as fast as her cute little legs could go.  Kim quickly realized what happened and promptly returned them.  It was SO FUNNY!!  Natalie and I couldn't stop laughing!
But not before Miss Brooklynn got a handful or two!  

We had SUCH a GREAT time today playing with Kim and Nat and their kidlings!  We really do have some of the GREATEST friends on the planet!  :)

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