Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

I've got to hand it to these Rich's...they are SO creative!  Shelley, divided us all up into teams and told each of us that we were going to make the nativity manger.  She directed us to a huge table for of supplies and told us to "get creative." 
Here is baby Jesus.
Then we headed back to Jim and Joanne's to unwrap a couple jammy presents.  (I love having our boys wear matching Jammies on Christmas Eve).  Then we headed home and tried to brace ourselves for the LOOOOONNNNNG night awaiting Coby and I.
The boys got nestled, all snug in OUR bed!  And Coby and I met with "Santa" and began working on all the presents "he" brought for us to wrap.  I love that "Santa" but he sure does add a bit more work to our night!  :)  We have been so tired with our sweet little newborn that I may have fallen asleep a couple times!  Coby was quick to help me wake back up and finish our work.  Next year will be better (sleep wise)...I hope!
Apparently, he ate our cookies while we wrapped and watched "It's a wonderful life" downstairs.  But at least he was kind enough to leave us a Thank you note.  I've seen the handwriting somewhere before....
Here's our Nativity on top of our entertainment center.
Here's Jack's tree.  I sure do miss that little boy...And Christmas time makes it even more hard knowing that he's not here.  What I'd give to see the expression on his face on Christmas Morning with his brothers as they anxiously waiting to go and see that Santa came.  I hate that he only got to spend ONE Christmas with us.  It was enough.  But it is Christmas, so I am going to imagine how amazing it is that Jack is spending his Christmas with Christ. 
Merry Christmas Eve!  I am so happy to go to sleep!  But I am more happy to see the look on Corb and Jadesy's faces tomorrow morning!  Here's to hoping Cole sleeps better tonight and Cobe and I are not complete zombies tomorrow morning!  :)

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