Friday, December 28, 2012

One on One with Jadesy Babe

 Tonight Corbin was having a "late over" at Sammi and Mason's house, so we decided to spend a little one on one time with Jadesy.
We took him to Planet Play. 
He was definitely schooling us at Bowling!
And kicking our trash at basketball!

It was so fun to just spend some quality one on one time with this little boy.  It doesn't happen that often, so we like to take advantage when we can.  I think it makes such a big difference and means so much to both the boys when we take the time to spend time with them individually.  I think that tonight was one of the first times we had the opportunity to do so.  It was so much fun to a blast watching him run from attraction to attraction.  Then at the end of the night he was SO excited to get vampire teeth!  :)  This little boy melts my heart!  I sure do love him!

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