Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sledding at Little's

Who is the QUEEN of FUN???!!!  Well, Lanae of course!
Today we ventured over to her neck of the woods for a little sledding in her backyard.
Corbin had a blast!
He always loves to hang out with his bud, Jordan! 
And I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to see this girl!  She's definitely the Sunshine in my life!  I love spending time with her and would do it every single day if I could!  I am so happy that our boys are such good friends!  Jaden and Caydin still look like twins and are always asking to play any chance they get.  I can't wait for Colie to join the "boy" ranks and start playing with all of his cousins.  Lanae is "working" on adding to our group of BOYS!  I keep telling her that she should hold off and wait for me to get pregnant for the last time and then we both be done!  :)  Hopefully, with GIRLS!  :)  Honestly, have you ever seen more girly girls than Lanae and I?  We NEED at least ONE girl right??!!

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Lanae said...

I just read this! Oh my gosh - I so love you, too! Love our time together like no other. XOXOXO